By grace restored

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Is this you? Have you spent a substantial period of your life in the Church, perhaps holding office as a pastor/ elder, Sunday school teacher or some other position of responsibility and leadership? Did you attend Church services regularly, taking a delight in the things of God and rejoicing in the knowledge that through faith in Jesus Christ your sins were forgiven?

But then something happened, a crisis of belief or wrongful behaviour resulted in your relationship with the Church being severed.

Following what is generally described as ‘a fall from grace’ I had nothing to do with former Christian friends for 25 years during which time I only attended Church for weddings or funerals.

At last, I am pleased to say, by the grace of God my relationship with Him and His people was restored.

This site is dedicated toward helping those like me understand what happened to them and to find their way ‘home’.

It is also our prayer that those contemplating abandoning their faith, forming liaisons, or committing acts likely to force them into ‘spiritual exile’ should be deterred from doing so.

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